Old Soles Shoes for Babies and Children

Old Soles Leather Shoes for Babies and Children ON SALE at Prairie Lane.

Free and Fast Shipping. Always ON SALE at Prairie Lane. 

Leather Shoes for Children with Arch Support.

Pre-walkers, first walkers, toddlers, children and big kids. Every style for every occasion.

Your child’s first steps are the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime, so why not start them off on the right foot.

Just as every mum knows, it’s the little steps that count - because mastering every little step is a reason to celebrate . 
Old Soles don’t cut corners. Every detail, small or big, gets every bit of their attention.

Because the best part of getting to a destination are the steps you take to get there.

Old Soles Shoes for Babies and Children

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