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BAMBINI Prams & Strollers

Bambini Prams deliver unique sprung prams​ in modern and traditional designs. ⁣⁣Each of our prams as an integrated spring system meaning they feel like no other to push along. Say goodbye to rigid prams!

That's the beautiful, bouncy, stylish prams, with all the accessories and practical features that you'll love. Australian owned and designed. All prams made in Europe.

The only modern pram with integrated rocking system every first time parent dreams of.

For the best quality, centuries of European craftmanship are engineered into every pram.

Tested to AS 2088 Standards for a safe durable ride, Bambini Prams are available in a range of stand-out fabrics and finishes.

Bambini Prams feel so unique to use, they are a lifestyle product which will enhance life with your new baby from day one. They are also standout-stylish so you will feel proud to walk the streets with your Bambini. From impromptu cradle, to toddler stroller, to bargain shopping trolley, our prams are multi-functional as well as being a joy to use.

Each Bambini Pram has been tested in our Melbourne lab to ensure they meet Australian Safety Standards. (AS 2088). Our manufacturing is done in Europe - the birthplace of the original coach-sprung pram. This means we can add the value of years of European craftmanship to your purchase.

All our prams are engineered with an integrated rocking system; in the case of our MILAN, this is crafted alongside modern design and functionality; while our YORK model follows the traditional design that never goes out of style.

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Bambini - Style

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Bambini YORK Pram & Stroller
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Bambini MILAN Pram & Stroller
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